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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Topic of the day: Pictures

  A picture is worth a thousand words, but, it cant compare to the real thing. Sure, a picture can pause time, give us time to reminisce, and linger on fond memories. But, wouldnt you much rather have the real thing? You can look at a picture of a beautiful wedding dress- but, is it as beautiful as it seems? You can look at a picture of you child- but, can you feel a stronger love than what would feel if they were standing right next to you?

  And, doesnt it seem like pictures have a way of always making things look better? Maybe that's why they're worth a thousand words. Or, maybe its because the pictures (if not taken by you yourself) can make you think a thousand words. I mean, if you see a picture of... a smiling baby, you dont just think 'oh... its a baby smiling.' Usually, or maybe its just me, you start to think things like: why is the baby smiling? What is it doing? Where is the baby?

  So yah... i guess a picture is worth a thousand words...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To start...

Wats up, my name is Amber Rzeznik and i've just joind this blog.

Why did i join?- I needed a place to vent and let people knows wats going on. i've lot faith in facebook, so, i was hoping blogging would help me with my... 'issuses.'

i'm not really sure how to start the blog, but i am going to say that if my issues get annoying, please feel free to tell me. i know i can get.. irritable sometimes and i dont want to upset anyone

Okay, bye~!